Sunday, February 14, 2016

Samurai Part 12

This will be last update for a couple weeks.  I've finished off the final two armor panels around the back of his waist and started putting on the rest of his equipment.  The quiver is a very different design than the typical European quivers.  It's most of a frame structure with a box that the arrows are stuck in.  I've attached and painted it, but still need to add the arrows.  I also put on the cords that connect the two shoulder panels to his back.  This was a bit tricky bending them all into place.  Probably would have been easier to attach at the same time as the shoulder panels... but that would have required a completely different ordering to my painting which wasn't going to happen.  In the end, I managed to get them on without breaking any (phew!).

Finally I've attached the swords and have almost finished painting them.  There are a few purple details (cords and sash) that need to be completed, but it's almost there.  Only a few pieces left... I may actually finish this piece! =)

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