Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Crystal Brush Rules have been Updated

For anyone planning to go to Adepticon and possibly compete in the Crystal Brush competition, the updated rules and categories have been posted for 2016.  They've made some changes so it's worth taking a look even if you've competed before.  The two most significant changes I noticed are:
1) Submissions are due by 6 pm on Friday, April 1 (not noon on Saturday like last year)
2) No sculpting category

I could see that first change causing some problems if people aren't aware of it.  I imagine it's a reaction to the issues they had last year getting all of the photographs taken and posted for online voting.  There were some major delays, but this gives them a lot more time to get that setup.  I was a bit surprised that they removed the sculpting category.  Although last year there was only a single entry, so I can understand why they dropped it.

In addition to those changes, they have clarified a lot about how the event will be run.  This doesn't necessarily represent a change from previous years, but it does provide some useful information on how everything will work.  I thought one of the more interesting sections were on how they do the photos:

"The number of photographs shown for each entry during online voting will depend on its category. Single figures, large scale, chibi style, and young talent will be represented by three photos—front, back, and an angle or detail shot. Vehicles/monsters and units will be represented by four photos. Dioramas will be represented by either four or five photos, depending on their size and complexity. Display plinths and any portion of the entry which falls outside of size restrictions will not be represented in detail in the photography."

The other part that I recommend reading is their description of the onsite judging criteria.  They break it down into Technical Quality (preparation+construction, painting, and presentation) and Artistic Quality (painting, composition+design, presentation, and general effect).  For the diorama category they add a third criteria, Narrative Quality.  If your new to painting competitions it's definitely a worthwhile read so you can better understand what the judges are looking for when they rate the pieces.  And if you're not new to painting competitions, it's still a worthwhile read!

They've also updated the list of sponsor categories, though there isn't much there.  Right now it's just Best Dark Age and Best Wrath of Kings.  It looks like they are still arranging sponsors and more categories may be posting between now and the show.  I'm hoping they get Pegaso to come back, I'd like another shot at that one!

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  1. It's nice to finally see a major competition other than NOVA Open's Capital Palette give equal distinction to Artistic vs Technical.