Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Knight of the Holy Sepulchre part VIII

After wrapping up the banner, I glued it into place in the knight's hand.  I've painted the spear point but the pole is just base coated.  I'd held off on doing anything to the base.  In part because I don't really like dealing with bases, but also because I was handling it a lot while painting the rest of the figure and didn't want to cause any damage to it.  It's not super fragile, but constant handling will start to rub detail off.

The figure came with a small piece of groundwork for the base (see previous photos) but I wanted to extend it out to cover the entire wood surface.  I used some painters tape to help  keep the edges around the wood base clean.  I then used a modeling plaster to create the basic shape of the ground.  I intentionally gave it an uneven texture as I applied it and overlapped the existing base slightly to help blend them together.  After drying I used an old brush to paint on some white glue and then sprinkled sand over the base to create some additional rocky texture.  I took a first pass at painting the base using Basic Dirt, 50/50 Basic Dirt and Khaki Shadow, then started to mix in Terran Khaki and then a bit of Khaki Highlight.  I then added some dropped equipment from my box of bits and the next step will be to paint those.  Then I'll use some pigments on the base when I weather the rest of the figure.  I also want to add some sparse vegetation to the base, though that should probably be before I add the pigments.


  1. Hi David! Looks fantastic! I like the base. Speaking from experience,you'll probably want to put the vegetation on AFTER the pigments. But it depends on how you plan on applying the pigments. I've got this model sitting on my work table. I wish I had time to paint! Hitting the high points of the horse with Jacquard Pearl Ex metalic pigments would probably look awesome too. Anyway - can't want to see how it turns out!

    (The pigment lady lol!)

    1. Thanks for the advice, Kathryn! I'll do most of the pigments first and then add the grass. I hope you can find some time to start yours soon. It's a really beautiful sculpt and there's a lot you can do with the figure. I just saw another version at a show this past weekend painted up as a Norman knight.