Friday, June 20, 2014

Roman WIP part 2

I'm continuing to work on the face. I was fairly happy with the how he was last time but had a few minor things that bugged me. The main one was the mouth. The sculpt on the right side ended in a crease but the left side just kind of drooped down. So I faked it by added a shadow to the left. The crease on the right also went down a little too far so I lightened the bottom part up a bit. I also sharpened the shadows on the lower eyelids, especially the left one. Then I took care of the ears and the neck.

From there I went in with some glazes to add a little more color. I used a red (GW's Bloodletter) and a purple (GW's Bloodletter mixed with their Guilliman Blue), both further thinned with water. I added a little of the red to the creases in the forehead and then applied several layers to the end of the nose, in the cheeks, and the lower part of the ears. The purple went around the eyes, especially on the lower eye lids and then just a little in the darkest shadow of the cheeks. Lastly I had to re-highlight the tip of the nose.


  1. What do you think about adding a tiny bit of that red to his chin? Are you doing more stubble?

    Also, how about a super close up on one of those eyes? I really need to get better at painting the eyes.

  2. I hadn't really thought about adding red to the chin, but I'll take a look at some reference images and maybe I will. I did not want to go too overboard with the stubble. It's pretty subtle, but I don't mind that. I just wanted some tone variation between the top and bottom of the face. As for the eyes I'll put together a short post with some images.